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Privacy Policy
Your privacy 100%
cuteflashgames.com is a safe place to browse and play games. Our servers do not have any systems to store performance, traffic or personal behaviour in cookies(*) or databases. We are proud of that and want you to know this important fact! At cuteflashgames we are only busy to bring you the best free online games. Who is playing or how many players are playing does not matter, because we just want everyone to have fun (for free!)

Personal Information
cuteflashgames.com is committed to protecting your privacy online. cuteflashgames.com does not collect any personal information. Our websites and e-mail messages do not use technical methods for tracking purposes, including Web beacons (also known as pixel tags), which may be invisible to you. Web beacons and pixel tags are small pieces of data that may be embedded in images on the pages of websites and within e-mails. We are also not using any technical methods to analyze the traffic patterns on our websites, such as the frequency with which consumers visit various parts of our websites and to analyze e-mail activity, such as to determine whether our consumers have opened our emails or clicked on links in our emails. These technical methods are a violation of privacy and here at cuteflashgames.com we do not beleive in such methods. Any information that either directly to us or to another party is not our business, and we simply have no intrest in them since we are only trying to provide the best free online flash games.

IP address and logging
Your IP address is used to gather broad demographic information and to track your general visiting paterns (how many pages you view while at one website, downloads, etc). Our webserver is not creating log files, this has been disabled for speed and privacy purpose. Our webserver may create a crash dump (EMERG log level) in the event of a server crash.

CUTE account holders may be given the option to provide the same or additional personally identifying information directly to a third party pursuant to that third party's privacy policy. In these situations, please review carefully all terms of any third-party privacy policy. We are not responsible for how these companies use your personal information.

Last Played Games
In order to accomodate the 'last played' games tab, this website makes a local cookie on your harddisk containing the URL of any page visited on this website. The ID-tag stored inside this cookie is 'document.URL'. The stored URL's are solely used by cuteflashgames.com to view and sort the last played games, as a free service on this website.

Sharing Of Information
There are no scripts or programs running on our server that store your information. We allow our third party advertisers to host scripts on our webpages. Third party advertisers might collect, store and use your information. These scripts are not property of our game portal website and are subject to the privacy policy of the third party. Find the links to the third party privacy policies in the sections below to learn more.

Third Party Advertising
We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit cuteflashgames.com. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements on this site and other sites about goods and services that may be of interest to you. Learn more about the privacy policy of our third parties at cpmstar.com and google.com/adsense.

Google Privacy Policy : google.com/policies/privacy
Google Cookie Policy : google.com/policies/technologies/ads

Third Party Cookies
In the course of serving advertisements to this site, our third-party advertiser may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser. Scripts of our third parties are not located on our server and we have no control on their privacy policy.

What are cookies?
Cookies are bits of electronic information that a website can transfer to a consumer's hard drive to keep records of his or her visit at the website. Cookies allow website operators to better tailor visits to the website to a consumer's individual preferences. The use of cookies is standard on the Internet and most major websites use them. We may use cookies to improve consumers' experiences when visiting our websites. Cookies can also make records of the places account holders have visited on a web portalto keep track of their purchases and activities on that web portal.

Opt Out
You can disable the third party cookies by using a third party cooky from NAI. This service to opt-out from the third party cookies can be visited here: networkadvertising.org/choices. Important note: Cuteflashgames.com takes NO responsibility for using this service, in any, or all ways. Any damage that may be caused by using this service is a risk for the end user and the NAI service provider, cuteflahgames.com is in no way connected or hosting the opt-out service, which is making cookies as well.

It is cuteflashgames.com's policy to respond quickly to claims of intellectual property violation. Upon receiving notification in accordance with any related copyright organization or owner, cuteflashgames.com will immediately disable and remove games in question.

Advertisements by third party
Dynamic advertisement serving technology enables advertisements to be temporarily loaded or cached to a cuteflashgames.com account holder's system for display only in games or services that incorporate this technology. If a cuteflashgames.com account holder plays a game or uses a service that utilizes this feature, we will log information about his or her system and game play or service usage to ensure that advertisements are being appropriately served to him or her and to track information about the advertisements displayed during his or her gaming or service session. Logged data may include: Online ID, system IP address, system MAC address, advertisement location, the length of time an advertisement was visible, relative size of advertisements, the angle of view and other information related to each advertisement visible during the gaming or service session. We or Sony Group Companies may use information that we have collected about a cuteflashgames.com account holder through this process to provide him or her with future advertisements that we believe will be of particular interest. Logged data or some portion of it will be shared with third-party companies that operate the advertisement serving technology, and these companies may share aggregated data (meaning data that includes data about a cuteflashgames.com account holder's gaming session but is not specific to him or her) with advertisers and game publishers.

Zero Tracking Policy
We like to point out once more that cuteflashgames.com is one of the rare websites that is making no cookies, and making no track of visitors itself. Your privacy is absolutely in no danger at all! We simply have no information that we could hand over to providers or governments.

Data Sharing
Cute Flash Games ( CGF) and the EU care a lot about your privacy. That is why 'we' (cuteflashgames.com) and the entire EU want you to read, study and learn each single row of the following list of data sharing companies. Do not use our website (cute flash games . com) without making sure you studied and remember all of the following companies:

ATP Double Check
Google urges you to fully compare the list of 194+ ATP with their most recent version, in case there might be a small window of time, where our careful and human-checked updates are behind the master-list: visit this link for the most recent version of data sharing ATPs: https://support.google.com/admanager/answer/9012903?hl=en&

Might you have questions or comments about your privacy, we are happy to help you answer them. The best and quickest way to get in contact with us is using the online contact form here : contact form. Many thanks for taking time and effort to learn about your privacy by reading this page and we are looking forward to hear from you!

this privacy policy was last changed at : 10/08/2022

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